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Endodontic Surgery

Dr. Momtaheni and Piezosurgery & Miscrope



A root surgery, also known as retrograde root canal treatment, is an endodontic surgical procedure whereby a tooth’s root tip is removed and a root end cavity is prepared and filled with a biocompatible material.  This is usually necessitated when a conventional root canal therapy had failed and a re-treatment was already unsuccessful or is not advised. 


Piezosurgery and motorized Root Canal Therapy results in more effective root canal treatment than the traditional system. It is also faster and has less complications.




Dr. Momtaheni uses state of the art procedures including the use of microsurgical techniques, ultrasonic preparation tips and calcium-silicate based filling materials.

During his Fellowship in Pathology at Harvard Dental School, Dr. Momtaheni worked with a microscope intensively.  In addition in his free time, he conducted animal model dissections under the microscope.  This experience and exposure led him to performed many surgical procedures under the microscope including nerve repairs while he was teaching at Montefiore Medical Center.  When he started his private practice at Rockefeller Center in 1987, he equipped his office with a surgical microscope for endodontic surgical treatment and has treated patients under surgical microscope since then.



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