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A Dental implant, also known as an endosseous implant, is a surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge or denture.  Many denture wearers, who suffer from lack of retention and stability of their dentures, find an implant-supported prosthesis far more superior.  Today, many patients and Dentists prefer the placement of implants to replace missing teeth while maintaining the integrity of the healthy teeth.



Bone Grafting Process
Paitent Before and After Implant Treatment
In our office, you can have the entire procedure under IV sedation in one visit.  If the condition of the bone and the bite are favorable, you can have an implant supported temporary prosthesis on the same day.  This is possible because of Dr. Momtaheni's experience and an on-site lab technician. His office is equipped with a 3D CT Scan and a Digital Panorex X-ray and Digital Intra-Oral X-rays.  These sophisticated and high-tech equipments, his available and respected laboratory technician and Dr. Momtaheni’s extensive experience result in predictable and successful procedures.

Credentials:  Dr. Momtaheni started Implant Dentistry in 1983 while he was an Assistant Professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  For six years, he had direct interaction with Montefiore Medical Center Prosthetic Department in the treatment of partially or completely edentulous patients.  Subsequently, he trained many colleagues through lectures, seminars, hands-on demonstrations and publications.




3D Diagnosis, Treatment Planning, Surgical Placement of Implants without an Incision, and Simultaneous Crown Fabrications.


This new technology enables us to do the following:


1. Implant insertion with greater precision and predictability.

2. Implant insertion and crown delivery in one hour.

3. No incision, no sutures and no post-op diet modifications. 

4. Insertion of Dental Implants in medically compromised patients such as:


  • Diabetes.  We test for HbA1C with no additional fee.

  • Blood thinner medications

  • Parkinson Disease

  • Osteoporosis and a history of Bisphosphonates use

  • Cancer and a history of head and neck radiation

  • Severe Anxiety Disorders


Please feel free to contact our office with your concerns or questions.







Don K. From Manhattan wrote on Yelp:


“Dr. Momtaheni is a very good dentist. He performed two dental implants in my mouth (where else?) well over ten years ago, and I have never had a problem with them. (My regular dentist, now retired, had referred me to him.)

When the crown (obtained through my regular dentist) over one of the implants repeatedly came loose, I went back to Dr. Momtaheni to see if he might resolve the problem. (My regular dentist, after two attempts to correct the problem, was at his wit's end over it.) Dr. Momtaheni quickly diagnosed the problem and corrected it within minutes; the crown never came loose again, and that was nearly a decade ago.

Dr. Momtaheni is very direct, conscientious and efficient. A no-nonsense guy who takes his work and his patients seriously. He was a pioneer in the field of maxillofacial surgery regarding dental implants and is nationally recognized for his contributions to the field.

I can recommend him without reservation.”

Dental Implants and Comprehensive Dental Rehabilitation




Nobel Clinician View of Planned Dental Implant Treatment

A failed full mouth prosthesis can be restored with dental implants and avoiding a full denture

Diabetic patients are prone to loose teeth when their disease is not well controlled. Dental implant can replace the lost of teeth once diabetes is under controlled 


A predictable, safe and affordable way to convert your upper or lower dentures to a fixed prosthesis in one day.

By angulating the implants we can avoid important anatomical structures and often bone grafting procedures.  Since ALL ON Four only requires 4 implants, the cost of full mouth rehabilitation can significantly be reduced.  Surgical intervention is minimal and recovery is fast.

From left to right; immediate post-op, post-op X ray, patient's old denture was modified on the same day and converted to a fixed prosthesis, the patient can wear this prosthesis indefinitely, or to have all new Zirconia  prosthesis.

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