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May 5, 2024

Why am I still Operating?

Dr. Momtaheni,
I am not sure if you remember Alyssa Thompson, but you performed jaw surgery on her when she was about 16 (10 years ago) to correct a lower protruding jaw. You helped correct the alignment of her jaw and improve her oral health and you also gave a young girl a new “look” and the confidence that comes with it. 
Without a doubt, what you did for her as well as what a team of doctors did to save her mom (my wife) from a very serious auto accident drove her to pursue a career in medicine. She just graduated from The Ohio State College of Medicine as a doctor! She is pursuing a career in pediatrics and is going to do her residency at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital after graduating with honors!
I will never be able to tell you how much I appreciate what you did for our daughter a decade ago, but wanted to give you a quick update on a former patient and let you know the positive impact you had on her beyond just the surgical procedure! I hope you are well!
Mike Thompson

Now You Know why!



News and Information

September 19, 2023

Dr. David Momtaheni gave a lecture on topic of jaw deformities and TMJ disorders at Touro College of Dental Medicine on September 19, 2023. 
According to Dr. Eric Wachs, Director of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, the lecture was well received by Students and particularly by the faculty.


Touro lecture TMD and Orthognathic surgery, 23.jpg

July 15th, 2022

Dr. David Momtaheni was invited as a guest speaker by the Federation Dental Ibero LatinoAmericana to Puebla, Mexico to deliver his lecture in title “Temporomandibular Disorder and Jaw deformities.”

Dr. Momtaheni was selected for his extensive knowledge and experience in orthognathic surgery.  His lecture was received with great enthusiasm from over 1200 students, residents and dentists who attended the meeting.

Subsequently, an appreciation plaque was presented to Dr. Momtaheni by the Mayor of Puebla.

momtaheni 5.jpg
momtaheni 2_edited.jpg

Summer of 2018 is sadly almost over.


The season kicked off with a party for the Class of 2021 at Columbia Dental School. The Momtaheni family hosted the students at their residence for a summer barbecue and swimming.  As Class father, Dr. Momtaheni could not have been more excited to celebrate and honor the students for their successful completion of their first year. 














Dr. Momtaheni was nominated to receive an award from the New Rochelle Police Foundation in August. A ceremony and award presentation was scheduled for October 18, 2018. 
































Dr. Momtaheni also received a privilege to admit and treat patients at Mt. Sinai West Medical Center. 


Our followers for Case of The Week Publications on Facebook and Instagram are growing every day. Originally the pages were designed to teach Columbia Dental students interested in cases with clinical challenges. Now, students from Tufts, NYU and Pittsburgh Dental School along with many of our colleagues look forward to these interesting cases every Friday. 



Sen. Chuck Schumer and US Rep. Charles Rangel

Dr. Momtaheni and a group of his colleagues met with Senator Chuck Schumer, and US Representative Charles Rangel on March 18, 2015. They discussed issues that affect our patients, the healthcare profession and our students.



















February 3, 2015

Guest Speaker at New Rochelle Dental Forum, February 3, 2015

Dr. Momtaheni gave a lecture to the New Rochelle Dental Forum on Botox and Arthrocentesis for Treatment of TMJ Disorders.


The Botox alternative treatment for TMJ disorders and minimally invasive Arthocentesis were presented.  Most patients experience noticeable improvement within two days following their first treatment, although relief can take up to a week for certain individuals.



Dr. Momtaheni and his colleagues with David Bagby, Legislative Director for Congresswoman Grace Meng

(Click to enlarge)

We Offer Piezo Surgery

An innovative tool for bone surgery using ultrasonic vibration to cut bone without damaging the soft tissue.


Costa Rica: Invisalign Visit

In March 2016, Dr. Momtaheni will be visiting Invisalign manufacturing facilities. During this visit, Dr. Momtaheni will exchange his experience in application of Invisalign in Orthognatic surgery.

We Offer HbA1c

The term HbA1c refers to glycated haemoglobin. It develops when haemoglobin, a protein within red blood cells that carries oxygen throughout your body, joins with glucose in the blood, becoming glycated.


By measuring glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c), clinicians are able to get an overall picture of what our average blood sugar levels have been over a period of weeks/months.


For people with diabetes, this is important as the higher the HbA1c, the greater the risk of developing diabetes-related complications. 


This test can also diagnose a pre-diabetic condition. Since surgery for diabetic patients have additional risks, we offer the test with no extra charge. 





Dr. Momtaheni at Mt. Sinai.




Mt. Sinai

Dr. Momtaheni was a guest lecturer at Mt. Sinai Medical Center on January 10th, 2018. The topic of his presentation was "Aesthetic Improvement of Lower Third of Face and Neck".

Westchester and Connecticut Alumni

Dr. Momtaheni was invited to give a lecture on Aesthetic Correction of the Lower Third of the Face and Neck to the Westchester and  Connecticut Alumni Study Club Meeting on November 9, 2017. Five take home messages were given for treatment of baby boomers and their aesthetic demands.

Oral Pathology Study Club

Dr. Momtaheni was invited to as a guest speaker for Oral Pathology Study Club at Columbia College of Dental Medicine in October 4, 2017 to share his experience as an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologist. He shared his 35 years hospital and private practice experience with the students. The feedback from the students indicated that the lecture was interesting and inspiring.

Dr. Momtaheni was chosen as Class Father of Class 2021 at Columbia College of Dental Medicine. He hopes that his students will feel free to approach him for any personal or academic advise. 

We are in the process of changing our phone company due to interruptions we experienced in August of 2017. By mid-September, we are going to utilize a new phone company. Our phone numbers will remain the same, however, upon any temporary disruption, please communicate through email or Dr. Momtaheni's personal cellphone.


Cell Phone: (917) 922 7730


You may also text or call (914) 222-0972 during business hours. (9am-5pm)

Columbia Surgical Operatory

A new surgical operatory suite at Columbia College of Dental Medicine has been named after  Dr. David Momtaheni

Susana Wang

Our former office manager was accepted to Dental School.  She is in the class of 2021. Over the past thirty years, many of our staff have pursued a career in the medical and dental fields. We wish Susana the best of luck.

Dr. Momtaheni is Named the "Top Dentist of 2017" by NY Top Dentists

Dr. Momtaheni was selected by the NY Top Dentists committee as a Top Dentist for 2017 based on his accolades and patient testimonials.

Syndrome Treatment

Although Dr. Momtaheni no longer participates with the Montefiore Craniofacial Team, in 2014 alone he has surgically treated the following syndromal cases:


Klinefelter Syndrome

Down's Syndrome

Gardner Syndrome

Sleep Apnea Syndrome

Feingold Syndrome

Asperger's Syndrome


Dr. Momtaheni had annual lectures on Syndromal Maxillofacial Anomalies for Post-Graduate Students at Columbia College of Dental Medicine until 2013. Dr. Momtaheni also gave lectures on and was a Course Director for the Craniofacial Anomalies course at Montefiore Medical Center Department of Orthodontics in 2016.


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