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If you review Dr. Momtaheni’s professional career and his 26 page CV, you will soon realized he is a devoted practitioner who never stopped learning and being a leader in his profession.  Over three decades in private practice and academia and with his vast formal education, he gained incredible experience to managed complex dental and oral cases.  He is devoted to make life better for his patients and he has experience, skill, and knowledge to achieve outstanding results.  His office has the latest technology and equipment available in the field of Dentistry to deliver comprehensive Dental care.

Patient Before Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Patient After Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Patient with Prothesis In
Here is a case of full-mouth rehabilitaion for a severly compromized patient. 
This patient is a 78 year old male with mutiple failed dental procedures resulting in complete upper and lower jaw edentulism.
He receved bone grafts and implants and fixed prosthesis which enabled him to resume his normal life and activities with confidence and comford.  His entire upper teeth were constructed with one block of ceramic material, Moniblock Broxzir, a cutting edge of dental material and technology. This was fabricated digitally by computer for optimum estheic, durablity and fit.
This is what he wrote on Yelp,
"There is a GOD--glory--hallelujah!!!
This new science is a GOD send for me." Thank you Dr. Momtaheni
-Dick F.
Patient Before FUll Mouth Rehabilitation
Patient After Full Mouth Rehabilitation
A case of severely neglected dental case involving a professional man who had severe dental phobia.
He was treated under deep IV sedation in one visit. On that day all hopeless teeth were removed, bone loss and alveolar defects were grafted and multiple dental implants were inserted.
He left our office with a new look and a healthy mouth in one visit.
Full Mouth Rehabilitation Treatment
Here is a case of a 61 year old male with failed bilateral upper posterior teeth, malocclusion and unesthetic smile. He was determined not to use a partial denture like his partents.
His missing teeth were replaced with sinus lift procedures, bone grafts and dental implants. Subsequently, his smile makeover was accomplished with Invisalign and Ceramics.
My experience with the professionalism of Dr. Momtaheni cannot be beat.  In the past, I had been to several reputable dentists, you know the type a friend told you he or she was "great, wonderful," etc. Well, not true on my part.  My work involved implant reconstructive Dentistry.  What can I say;  "Professisonalism" wins out all  the time.
-Linda G.
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